Thursday, 30 August 2018

An evening with Matt Haig

It has been quiet here in the last few months, but I am finally ready to get back into reading and back into blogging. Things have settled down somewhat since my move to Glasgow. We have moved in to a nice flat in the middle of the city centre, Christoffer has finished his degree and started his new job and I'm starting mine on Monday. 

This previous weekend, I was lucky enough to get tickets to Waterstones' event An Evening with Matt Haig - one of my favorite authors! 

It is always special to hear the person who wrote the words that mean so much to you speak in real life. And Matt Haig was just as funny, deep and interesting as is reflected in his books. He read a couple of excerpts from his new book Notes on a Nervous Planet, (which I have yet to read), and spent lots of time on audience questions. 

I also got a selfie with him, and got my well loved copy of The Humans signed!

I am the beach.  
I am created by waves and currents. 
I am made of eroded rocks.
I exist next to the sea.  
I have been around for millions of years. 
I was around at the dawn of life itself.  
And I have to tell you something. 

I don't care about your body.  

I am a beach. 
I literally don't give a fuck. 
- Matt Haig, Notes on a Nervous Planet 

This was my first book event in Glasgow, but one of the Waterstones branches in Glasgow seem to hold these quite often. I can't wait to go again! 


Have you read anything by Matt Haig?

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